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These supports are ideal as a preventive measure or as active support after injury. Whether for recreation, sport or in daily use, these bandages, which are comfortable next to the skin are ideal for use on all occasions. Thanks to their individually adjustable compression, the supports can be adapted according to your needs and the degree of compression required whatever the situation. The material used is breathable thanks to its unique perforations which sets new standards in the field of compliance. No matter whether in leisure time, when playing sports or even recovering from an injury, the comprehensive range of OMNIMED® Protect supports offer optimum protection for the best support at all times. These products provide the highest wearing comfort and at the same time the thermal insulation property of the material effectively stops the musculature and soft tissues from cooling down. The result: highest preventive protection! OMMNIMED® Protect Knee supports can also be worn on either the left or right side and are come in a universal one size fits all for ease of use.

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