Invacare Premier Series Stand-Assist Sling

Invacare Canada L.P.
INV 2484687
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Invacare Premier Series Stand-Assist Sling

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The Invacare Premier Series Stand-Assist Sling is ideal for quick toileting, weight bearing practice and transfers from bed to chair, or chair to bed for cooperative users who are partially dependent with 50% or greater weight-bearing capacity, and have head and neck control.


  • Clear labeling and easy attachment points simplify attaching the sling confidently
  • Easily adjusted to ensure comfortable and secure fit
  • Polyester fabric can be laundered - see label for instructions

  • Specifications 

    Material: Solid polyester fabric
    Color: Binding: Purple
    Body: Gray
    Overall Width: 46.1"
    Overall Height: 13.0"

    Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.


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