Rentals are available for people living in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We rent a wide variety of equipment including the following: hospital beds, lift chairs, power chairs, scooters, patient lifts, walkers, bathroom equipment, and more! For more information, contact us at 780-452-4386.

Hospital Beds & Mattresses

Hospital Bed for users under 350 lbs.

*Includes rails and Solace 3080 mattress

$250/MTH, $750 DEPOSIT

Bariatric Hospital Bed

*Includes rails and Solace 3080 mattress

$200/WK, $500/MTH, $1,000 DEPOSIT

Air Mattress

*Alternating or low air loss

$500/MTH, $2,500 DEPOSIT

Lift Equipment

Lift Chair

$100/WK, $350/MTH, $500 DEPOSIT

Patient Lifter

$250/MTH, $750 DEPOSIT

Bath Lift

$100/WK, $300/MTH, $700 DEPOSIT

Wheelchairs & Transport Chairs

Youth Wheelchair 12-16"

$100/WK, $250/MTH, $400 DEPOSIT

Wheelchair 18"

$35/WK, $75/MTH, $200 DEPOSIT

Reclining Wheelchair

$100/WK, $250/MTH, $600 DEPOSIT

Medium Duty Wheelchair 20"

$50/WK, $150/MTH, $500 DEPOSIT

Heavy Duty Wheelchair 22-24"

$150/WK, $500 DEPOSIT

Heavy Duty Wheelchair 26-28"

$350/WK, $750 DEPOSIT

Transport Chair

$35/WK, $75/MTH, $150 DEPOSIT

Scooters & Power Chairs


$350/MTH, $750 DEPOSIT

Bariatric Scooter

$250/WK, $1500 DEPOSIT

Power Chair

$360/MTH, $750 DEPOSIT


Youth Walker

$35/WK, $75/MTH, $100 DEPOSIT

Non Wheeled Folding Walker

$20/WK, $60/MTH, $90 DEPOSIT

2 Wheeled Walker

$20/WK, $60/MTH, $100 DEPOSIT

4 Wheeled Walker

$35/WK, $75/MTH, $250 DEPOSIT

Bariatric Walker

$60/WK, $195/MTH, $500 DEPOSIT

Knee Walker

$35/WK, $95/MTH, $300 DEPOSIT

Rover Knee Walker

$125/WK, $225/MTH, $300 DEPOSIT

Crutches & Canes

Standard Crutches

$15/WK, $40 DEPOSIT

Bariatric Crutches

$75/WK, $125/MTH, $200 DEPOSIT

Forearm Crutches

$20/WK, $150 DEPOSIT


$15/WK, $30/MTH, $40 DEPOSIT

Cane (Quad)

$15/WK, $30/MTH, $60 DEPOSIT

Bathroom Equipment

Bath Lift

$100/WK, $300/MTH, $700 DEPOSIT

Stationary Commode

$25/WK, $75/MTH, $100 DEPOSIT

Folding Commode

$40/WK, $150/MTH, $250 DEPOSIT

Wheeled Commode

$40/WK, $150/MTH, $250 DEPOSIT

Bariatric Commode

$150/WK, $500 DEPOSIT

Raised Toilet Seat

$10/WK, $30/MTH, $50 DEPOSIT

Toilet Seat with Arms

$15/WK, $50/MTH, $50 DEPOSIT

Toilet Arm Rests

$10/WK, $30/MTH, $50 DEPOSIT

Bath Seat

$10/WK, $30/MTH, $50 DEPOSIT

Bariatric Bath Seat

$25/WK, $75/MTH, $150 DEPOSIT

Clamp on Tub Grab Bar

$10/WK, $30/MTH, $50 DEPOSIT


Super Pole

$20/WK, $60/MTH, $150 DEPOSIT, $25 INSTALL

Overbed Table Non-tilt

$50/MTH, $100 DEPOSIT

Bed Rail (M-Rail)

$15/WK, $45/MTH, $100 DEPOSIT

Bed Rail (Arco Rail)

$20/WK, $50/MTH, $250 DEPOSIT

Bed Block 2"/4"

$55/MTH, $60 DEPOSIT

IV Pole

$15/WK, $35/MTH, $50 DEPOSIT

CPM Machine

CPM Machine

$150/WK, $500/MTH, $1,000 DEPOSIT