Amoena Bra Pockets

Size: Small
Color: White
Sale price$4.95 CAD


Amoena Bra Pockets can be added to any bra. The sewing instructions are provided with the pockets. the pocket can be sewn into a bra or swimsuit to create a post-mastectomy garment. This FSA-approved bra pocket holds breast form securely in place. Fit this pocket in bra, swimsuit or nightgown to hold the breast form.

  • Holds breast form in place
  • Can be sewn into any bra
  • Convert any bra into a post-surgical bra
  • Comes in two/package

Size Chart

 Size Measurement
Small 32-36
Medium 38-42
Large 44-46


  • Made of 86% nylon/14% spandex material
  • Comes with sewing instructions
  • Sew-in pocket for use with any well-fitting bra
  • Pre-cut pockets can easily be sewn into any bra, swimwear, and lingerie to accommodate your mastectomy prosthesis
  • Pre-made pocket fabric features a rounded, elastic on one corner to secure a breast form in a place
  • Standard shape and size suitable for various drainage systems
  • Available in black, candlelight, pearl beige, and white colors
  • Comes in small, medium and large sizes
  • Bra pockets are washable

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