Coloplast Conveen® Security+ leg bag, Lever tap outlet, sterile

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COL 21034
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Coloplast Conveen® Security+ leg bag, Lever tap outlet, sterile

21034 - Length: 20' - 500ml/17oz
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  • Choice of clamp or lever tap
  • Clamp outlet makes it easy to verify proper closure
  • Lever tap is easy to operate
  • Soft backing for increased wearing comfort
  • Anti-kink tubing reduces risk of backflow and prevents accidental leakage
  • Free of PVC and phthalates
  • Optional needle free sample port eliminating the risk of needle stick injury
  • Extended outlet tube prevents contact with urine when emptying
  • Discreet and modern design
  • Color scheme for less visibility under clothing

Key benefits:

Conveen® Security+ leg bags features anti-kink tubing that reduces the risk of backflow.

  • The custom designed clamp outlet is easy to operate, and it’s also easy to verify that it’s closed properly.
  • The soft backing makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The chambered design reduces sweating when moving about.
  • The discreet design and colour scheme reduces the bag’s visibility under clothing.

Finding the combination of external catheter and urine bag that suits your needs and lifestyle is important.
As Conveen® is a customizable solution please answer a few questions to identify which Coloplast external catheter and bag solutions may work may best for you. You should still follow the specific instructions provided to you by your healthcare team.