Invacare Matrx Posture Seat Visco Foam

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Size: 16W x 16D
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The Invacare Matrx ® PS Visco Foam cushion is designed to provide superior positioning, stability, skin protection and comfort. This cushion is designed with 2 layers of foam. A bottom durable HR (high resilient) foam and a top soft feeling, comfortable Visco Foam. This cushion also uses the same innovative reversible outer cover as the regular PS Cushion.



  • ADP Approved. SES1M0070
  • 2 layers. Top Visco Foam layer and bottom durable HR layer(high resilient) foam prevents "bottoming out".
  • Innovative reversible outer cover, Dartex fabric,may be used smooth or fabric side out to suit individual needs.
  • Recovery inner liner provides moisture protection to the foam.

  • Specifications 


    Product Weight: 2 lbs.
    Product Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

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