Relaxus Nordic Walking & Hiking Pole

Sale price$44.95 CAD


The Nordic Walking & Hiking Pole with lightweight aluminium construction, ergonomic cork handles, built-in anti-shock suspension, triple tip system burns up to 45% more calories than walking without poles, places less stress on knees and ankles and strengthens upper and lower body muscles simultaneously.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Adjustable and quick release wrist strap.
  • Extended compression moulded grip for uneven surfaces.
  • Ergonomic cork handles keep hands dry while providing comfortable grip.
  • When retracted can fit in luggage or back packs.
  • Built-in anti-shock suspension with ON/OFF lock.
  • Twist & Lock telescope height adjustment: 80 cm - 135 cm.
  • Triple Tip System: Carbide tip for off road/ icy terrain, rubberized tip for regular terrain and walking heel for maximum traction.

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